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    We believe people should love hosting and entertaining others at home. It should be easy, delicious and enjoyable.


    In the future, hosting meal with loved ones will be simple and stress-free. Planning will be a breeze. Ingredients will be fresh. Logistics will be invisible.


    We believe in a future where chefs don't need to have "restaurants". Where people won't buy ingredients in supermarkets. Where sharing a meal with friends won't require planning.


    At La Belle Assiette, we are building this future.


    More countries coming soon !


    We strive to make your dining experience great. To us, that means:

    • maximum pleasure through great produce and service
    • no logistics or advanced planning (for you, we'll handle everything!)
    • perfect pricing

    With over 750 local chefs in 5 countries (France, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) we bring restaurant quality experience to your home. Our chefs cook the menu you selected and paid for online. They buy fresh ingredients, cook in your kitchen, serve and clean up. You can just to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your guests at home.


    Book easily online and let the selected local professional chef takes care of everything!


    Hosting meals has never been so enjoyable.

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    La Belle Assiette is a highly motivated and hard-working team. With a shared passion for cooking, our family is international and multicultural.

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    Gianluca Bucchi

    (Country Manager)

    Célia Renaux

    (Country Manager)

    Aicha Islane

    Léa Puech


    Arianne Obi

    Louise Marquant

    Camille Paret
    Events & Content)

    Milly Watkins
    (Events & Content)

    Antoine Bolvy


    Vidushan Chooriyakumaran

    Grégoire Bartau

    (Finance & Admin)

    Mathieu Roubaud


    Stephen Leguillon

    (Co-Founder & Board Member)

    Giorgio Ricco

    (Co-Founder & Board Member)


    La Belle Assiette is supported by a group of extraordinary people: investors, advisors, friends. We call them our champions. Here are just a few of this group...


    Benoît Bassi

    Laurent Benhamou

    Nicolas Bergerault

    François Bergerault

    Jean-Sébastien Bompoil

    Nicolas Bourdin

    Frédéric de Bourguet

    Nicolas Brusson

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    Thibaud Elzière

    Stephen Judson

    Laurent Sachs


    Kima Ventures



    "Fantastic manners and even better chef. He managed to quickly change the starter for one pregnant woman in a blink of an eye. A superb meal so tasty and lush. Loads of thumbs up from one happy Family in Haverfordwest.”" - Paul E.


    “Food is a primitive necessity that can be made an artistic luxury! Andrea mastered that art and redefined fine cuisine. Food became an experience of the senses. Eating is a basic instinct but dinning is a gateway to the sensations of the divine. Andrea held the key to that gateway, a humorous entre, an eloquent inquisitive dish to follow, and a sweet desert that made for a bitter sweet finally.” - Christophe D.


    “I had the BEST evening. Food was delicious and the service was great. The menu was very adventurous (with a reindeer starter!), but it was all cooked beautifully. Every course got clean plates! Martina and Magdalena were lovely. Very helpful, respectful and fun. I would highly recommend them to anyone!” - Katie L.


    “Martin’s food was of the highest quality, his presentation and attention to detail made each course an absolute delight. His manner created a relaxed dinner party feel, he was knowledgeable about his produce and happy to answer any questions we had – even sharing some of his recipes! The evening was a truly memorable experience for us all.” - Laura S.


    “What a treat! My guests and I had a lovely evening, and the food that Rufus cooked was exceptional. He was helpful, engaging and answered all of our questions about the food, but was unobtrusive and allowed us to enjoy our evening fully. He was also able to work with no complaint in our kitchen that has quite limited work space which I found impressive considering how much I struggle! The food was excellent and exceeded all expectations. The sauce Sauternes was a total winner with all of the guests none of us having tried it before, and the filet steak was cooked perfectly. The dessert was delicious, again the sauce was a particular hit! Thank you Rufus and La Belle Assiette!” - Beth T.


    “The dinner has been great and the service was flawless. All our friends were really satisfied and wanted more info about La Belle!” - Chiara R.


    “Today Tony served us an exceptional tasty and delicate food for us. I still remember that delicious and tender lamb slowly cooked for hours just to be elevated with special mash potatoes and roasted vegetables. Not to mention that divine artichoke soup with bread and olive oil. Lumiere London thanks La Belle Assiette for its exceptional service. Very highly recommended.” - Carlos L.


    “Tony came in to prepare a working lunch for 8 of us in the colleague – including one vegetarian! He first produced delicious food, the cold sirloin was delicious and tender, with a well balanced side salad of tomato & onion – and the pudding was absolutely out of this world. In our offices the kitchen is in the main office, however he was totally unobtrusive, and produced, served and cleared up this delicious food without any impact on the running of the office. Would definitely recommend and use again.” - Tora A.


    “The dinner went very well! The chef was absolutely wonderful, the food was amazing, his assistant who helped with serving was so attentive and friendly, everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. We all discussed how good an idea the service is and very good value for money too, as a meal out would end up costing similar when travel costs and the cost and inconvenience of babysitters is taken into account. SO yes…very impressed!” - Hayley M.